Chris Bedard


I have over 20 years experience walking with people impacted by emotional and spiritual injuries. Everyone needs help from time to time and may need assistance to become our best selves. I believe strongly in God’s potential and vision for our lives.

I strive to help you see how you can be healed, transformed and thrive both emotionally and spiritually. I spent the first part of my career in ministry and the last six years working in the therapy world. I bring a smooth integration of biblical insight and clinical experience that can be crafted to meet any goal. I have also learned that those that are truly willing to work for change get the best results.. I invite you to give me a call and lets start working toward the best God has for you.
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We are here to help bring about change in the lives of people looking for help with their marriage, families or themselves personally. Our lives are constantly coming into contact with obstacles. We are here to help heal hurts that come when waters become too rough to navigate alone. It is our desire to help transform relationships so they thrive once again!

  • Premarital Therapy
  • Marital Therapy
  • Family Therapy
  • Individual Therapy
  • Addiction: Relapse Prevention and Accountability
  • Issue Specific to Men and Young Men (15+)
  • Special Infertility Therapeutic Services

Intake Form

The sessions last 50-60 minutes with the first session going a bit longer. Simply print out the intake form below and bring it with you to our first session. The sessions consist of help you identify goals of therapy, what change looks like for you, as well as how best to proceed in the process of therapy.

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